Sunday, October 30, 2011

Open Bantam Results

(number includes Bantam Ducks)

Richard Hickman of Millville, NJ exhibited:
Best SCCL with White Rock - Pullet

Ron & Barb Yochum of Townville, PA exhibited:
Reserve SCCL with New Hampshire - Cockerel

Tom Sheperd of W Portsmouth, OH exhibted:
Best RCCL with Quail D'Anver - Hen

Derek Martin of Healy, KS exhibited:
Reserve RCCL with White Wyandotte - Pullet

Joel Henning of Boston, NY exhibited:
Best AOCCL with WC Black Polish - Pullet

Jerry McCarty of Haughton, LA exhibited:
Reserve AOCCL with Dark Cornish - Pullet
(This bird was also Best Cornish of the Show)

Joe Mazur of Enderby, BC exhibited:
Best Featherleg with Black Cochin - Pullet

Steven Wojtkowiak of Boston, NY exhibited:
Reserve Featherleg with Buff Brahma - Hen

Tom Anderson of Willard, NC exhibited:
Best Modern Game with BB Red Modern Game
(This was also the Reserve Super Grand Champion  & Overall Champion Bantam of the entire show) 

Bobby & Aileen Castlebury of Brookston, TX exhibited:
Reserve Modern Game with Brown Red Modern Game - Pullet

Fields & Proctor of Rogersville, TN exhibited:
Best Old English with Black Old English - Hen

Bennett Family of Shelbyville, KY exhibited:
Reserve Old English with White Old English - Pullet

Charlie Hodum of Corinth, MS exhibited:
Best Bantam Duck with White Call - Old Male
(This was the Overall Reserve Champion Bantam & Reserve Champion Waterfowl of the entire show)

Lou Horton / Acorn Hollow Bantams of W. Chicago, IL exhibited:
Reserve Bantam Duck with Black East Indie - Old Male

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