Sunday, October 30, 2011

Junior Waterfowl Results

Total Junior Bantam Ducks: 258
Jr. Light Ducks: 65
Jr. Medium Ducks: 44
Jr. Heavy Ducks: 39
Total Junior Large Ducks: 148
Jr. Light Geese: 16
Jr. Medium Geese: 15
Jr. Heavy Geese: 13
Total Junior Geese: 44
Total Junior Waterfowl: 450

Robert Sterner of Van Meter, IA exhibited:
Best Heavy Goose with Embden – Gander
Jr. Best Heavy Goose

Ian Ulvin of N Branch, MN exhibited:
Reserve Heavy Goose with Gray Toulouse - Goose

Best Medium Goose is unknown at this time.

Shannon Burns of Frankfort, IN exhibited:
Reserve Medium Goose with Gray Pomeranian - Gander

Brooke Swenson of Zumbrota, MN exhibited:
Best Light Goose with Brown China – Gander
Jr. Best Light Goose

Brooke Swenson of Zumbrota, MN exhibited:
Reserve Light Goose with Brown China - Goose

Rylan Maves of Elk Mound, WI exhibited:
Best Heavy Duck with Rouen – Hen
Jr. Best Heavy Duck

Tanner Messerschmidt of East Troy, WI exhibited:
Res. Heavy Duck with Pekin - Cockerel
Jr. Res. Heavy Duck

Elana Oakes of Eloris, ON exhibited:
Best Medium Duck with Cayuga – Cockerel
Jr. Best Medium Duck

Noah Roy of Battle Ground, IN exhibited:
Res. Medium Duck with White Crested - Cockerel
Jr. Res. Medium Duck

Joe Terry of Theodosa, MO exhibited:
Best Light Duck with Khaki Campbell – Cock
Jr. Best Light Duck

Andrew Jasman of Saginaw, MI exhibited:
Res. Light Duck with Silver Welsh Harlequin - Cock
Jr. Res. Light Duck

Becca Pickard of Orrville, OH exhibited:
Best Bantam Duck with Gray Call – Hen
Jr. Best Bantam Duck

Clayton Weaver of Bloomington, IN exhibited:
Res. Bantam Duck with Black East Indie – Hen
Jr. Res. Bantam Duck

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