Sunday, October 30, 2011

Open Waterfowl Results

Total Bantam Ducks: 749 
Light Ducks: 202 
Medium Ducks: 142 
Heavy Ducks: 248 
Total Large Ducks: 592 
Light Geese: 63 
Medium Geese: 132 
Heavy Geese: 156 
Total Geese: 351
Total Waterfowl: 1,692 
(these numbers exclude the Junior entries)

Charlie Hodum of Corinth, MS exhibited:
Best Bantam Duck with White Call - Old Male
(This Call was also Res. Overall Duck, and Res. Ch. Waterfowl)
Best Bantam Duck

Lou Horton / Acorn Hollow Bantams of W. Chicago, IL exhibited:
Res. Bantam Duck with Black East Indie - Old Male

Roland Doerr of Shakopee, MN exhibited:
Best Light Duck with White Indian Runner - Young Male

Annette Dillon of Portsmouth, OH exhibited:
Res. Light Duck with Blue Magpie - Old Male
Reserve Light Duck

Rick Hare of Springville, NY exhibited:
Best Medium Duck with Cayuga - Old Male

Rick Hare of Springville, NY exhibited:
Res. Medium Duck with Cayuga - Young Male
Reserve Medium Duck

Danny Padgett of Butler, FL exhibited:
Best Heavy Duck with Black Muscovy - Old Male
(This duck is your SUPER GRAND CHAMPION of the entire show beating 10,275 other birds competing for this title)

Best Heavy Duck

Jean Doerflein of Laurel, IN exhibited:
Res. Heavy Duck  with Rouen - Old Male
Reserve Heavy Duck

Ken Crawford of Mountain Grove, ON exhibited:
Best Light Goose with Egyptian - Old Male
Best Light Goose

Prairie Song Poultry of Van Meter, IA exhibited:
Res. Light Goose with Brown China - Old Bird
Reserve Light Goose
(Nearly impossible to photograph)

Melinda Hoffman of Marian, OH exhibited:
Best Medium Goose with Sebastopol - Old Female
Best Medium Goose

Jim & Patti Zimmerman of Berryton, KS exhibited:
Res. Medium Goose with Sebastopol - Young Female
Reserve Medium Goose

Steinbacher Poultry Farm of St. Joseph, MI exhibited:
Best Heavy Goose with Embden - Old Female
Best Heavy Goose

Roland Doerr of Shakopee, MN exhibited:
Res. Heavy Goose with Toulouse - Old Male
Reserve Heavy Goose

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