Friday, October 28, 2011

Blue Steinbacher Geese

The Crossroads of America Show was the qualifying meet for the Blue Steinbacher Goose, which was originally imported from Germany in 2004 by a family in St. Joseph, Michigan. The family is incredibly knowledgeable about every single aspect of the Steinbacher Goose - from breed standard, breeding and breed history. The passion and dedication this family has for this breed is evident.

During the IWBA Nationals' Meeting, a wonderful, detailed presentation of the Steinbacher Goose was presented by STEINBACHER POULTRY FARM of St. Joseph, Michigan.

Blue Steinbacher Goose
by Steinbacher Poultry Farm
St. Joseph, Michigan
We learned by the end of the show that the Blue Steinbacher Goose was admitted in to the American Poultry Association (APA) Standard of Perfection. Walt Leonard, of Santa Rose, California spoke Firday, on behalf of the Blue Steinbacher Goose. He recommended this breed to the APA for approval!

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  1. Thank you Crossroads of America Team for this well organized Poultry event. Special thanks goes to Dave Wulff & Clan for heading this first-class event up. This show will stay in our minds for a long time, since the Blue Steinbacher Goose did get accepted into the APA Standard of perfection that weekend. A dream we had 8 years ago became reality.

    Big thanks goes also to the IWBA, headed by Jim Konecny for supporting, facilitating, and encouraging us and the other breeders to get all the numbers together to qualify. There were some Steinbacher breeders that could not come with their birds, due to unfortunate circumstances in their family, but none the less, it all came together. As we told our German Goose Contacts in Germany, The Blue Steinbacher Goose became an official U.S. Citizen.

    We want to recognize also the combined efforts of Chris Ervay and Jim Konecny with some of their poultry friends in working on putting the translated german standard into the american standard form.

    We thank Poultry Judge Walt Leonard together with Mike Hatcher from England for judging the Blue Steinbachers and recommending them.

    Lastly we want to thank the Steinbacher Breeders who drove 9 hrs plus to make it to the show, and also those who transported birds to the show, because some breeders were out of the country that weekend.

    On a very last note, thanks to all the APA Board Members who mentored and encouraged us along the way.

    We are looking forward to another Crossroads of America Poultry Show in the near future.

    The Krebs Family
    Steinbacher Poultry Farm
    St. Joseph, Michigan