Friday, October 28, 2011

Blue Fawn Call Qualified!

As you may know this show was the qualifying meet for the Blue Fawn variety of the Call Duck Breed.

During the IWBA National Meeting held on Friday, October 28th - James Konecny introduced Lou Cunningham, who judged the Blue Fawn Calls. 

Lou explained a minimum of 50 birds are to be exhibited in order for the variety to be considered and recommended by a judge. The Call Breeders went above and beyond to put on one heck of a display! A grand total of 98 top-quality specimens were represented at this show.   

Lou Cunningham says this variety will "Blossom & Bloom" considering they are already at the point to be highly competitive with the other varieties!

He concludes with a glowing recommendation to APA & ABA to adopt the Blue Fawn as a recognized variety!

We later heard after the board meeting they Blue Fawn was officially accepted this weekend. 
BV - Blue Fawn - Male
Blue Fawn - Male
Blue Fawn males - Bird on the left was BV

CONGRATULATIONS to all the exhibitors and breeders who have worked hard over the past 5-years breeding this wonderful variety! 

Find the proposed standard and photos here:

Check out this video snippet from the IWBA meeting 
about the Blue Fawn:

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