Saturday, October 29, 2011

International Waterfowl Breeders Association

The IWBA National Meeting was held on Friday - October 28th at 3pm during the Crossroads of America Poultry Show in Indianapolis, Indiana at the State Fairgrounds.

President, Mr. James Konecny, called the meeting to order. Mr. Konecny spoke about how happy he is with the direction of the organization and proud to announce the 2,142 (this number includes juniors) waterfowl were exhibited at the Eastern National meet. 

Kenecny spoke about the wonderful IWBA Newsletter, which is exactly what he imagined it would be and then some. The Newsletter is "graphically strong," stated Kenecny. 

The membership was reminded that IWBA is an "educational based club" - promoting all the wonderful breeds of waterfowl and not like other clubs that promote "point chasing." Kenecny wants to continue to educate more about the rare breeds and support the existing, more popular breeds of waterfowl. 

The IWBA held an incubator raffle during the show to generate breeding interest and funds for the IWBA. Both Kenecny and secretary, Will Diaz, spoke highly of the decision to raffle an incubator during the Crossroads of America Show. 

Kenecny introduced the newest officer, Will Diaz, of Brighton, Illinois who will serve as the secretary for the IWBA. Diaz is transiting into the position, which has been a long process of about a year. The process includes transferring all materials and documents from the old secretary to the new. During the 1-year transitioning period any lapsed memberships were kept current due to the confusion that happens during this time period. Diaz asked membership to please contact him for any membership inquiries, especially any contact information changes. 

Lastly, Kenecny introduced, Mr. Lou Cunningham, who spoke about the qualifying meet of the Blue Fawn Call Duck variety and Mr. Walt Leonard, who spoke about both the Blue Fawn Call duck variety and the Blue Steinbacher Goose.

More information about the:
Blue Fawn Call Duck can be found here: Blue Fawn Qualified    
Blue Steinbacher Goose can be found here: Blue Steinbacher Goose

IWBA Booth at the
Crossroads of America Show

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